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We’re a Nearshore Software Development Company that believes scale is achieved by:
The idea that top tier experts are needed to deliver quality solutions
Passion for delivering exceptional business value and solutions
Customers who want control over their team and how they execute
Great Methodology
Building long term relationships build on trust and partnerships
Driving success, the first time

Our Services

Nearshore Software Development
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Pega - Enterprise Solutions
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Mobile App Development
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E-Commerce / Online Stores
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Automate your Business

Document Processing

Meet Kina, the only solution in the market that extracts key data and delivers it directly into any system, in just 1 minute. We use artificial intelligence to automate you processes in ways that were not available before.  Great for any business and industry. Learn how we’ve helped top organizations outsmart their competition by reducing their request for quote response times by over 70%.

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Customized CRM SaaS

Stop spending more for less. We provide our clients with custom CRM and Business Management solutions that tend directly to their needs. A great way to reduce your CRM costs by over 50% vs Salesforce, ask us how we do it!

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