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What we offer

Kina can automate data extraction, routing, filling and naming of any document type or format, allowing your team to focus on the information and decisions, not on the mechanics of retrieving and processing the data.

Whether is a PDF, Excel, JPG, or scanned document, Kina extracts key data and delivers it directly into any system, in just 1 minute.

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Work Flow

Kina’s Unique Process and Queue Designer helps the automation of the document processing by using a very simple drag and drop interface, anyone can build a process in minutes.

Document Classification

Using his proprietary algorithm to detect the document type kina will route it to the defined workflow without human intervention. whether it comes from an email, multifunction scanner or directly from a shared drive.

Data Extraction

Data extraction rules are easily defined using natural language, without the need of a developer. Kina can help preprocessing the documents to obtain the highest accuracy on the market, analyzing contrast, letter vectors, advanced OCR and proprietary algorithms to analyze the context of the extracted data.
Kina can process a single page in 4.5 seconds

Integration and Delivery

The processed data can be delivered directly to your current business software, via API, EDI, IDOC, CSV EXCEL inserted directly on your DB, or via an email. Kina can use the output format that you require.



Knowledge workers and digitizers in companies tend to spend 1.8 hours per day on locating key information from several types of documents, achieving just 56% effectiveness. This process tends to have negative impact on the company’s operational culture, increasing response times, economic expenses, and error margins. That’s where Kina acts.

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Document based order processing
Document based invoice auditing
Purchase Order reconciliation to invoice
Document to EDI, IDOC, or directly in to a Database
Stored document image data extraction and integration to any ERP
Document organization and indexing for quick reference
Document approval workflows
Textile Techpack processing and delivery

Automating data processing with Kina will help your organization with:

✓ Consistency: Automate document naming, data extraction and filing.
✓ Speed: Kina can perform “data entry” 100x faster than people.
✓ Accuracy: Kina can crosscheck information on documents (such as total expected cost against the read cost, item lookup with fuzzy matching, and machine learning to improve accuracy over time

Estrella BernalBoris Hernández
“Kina has provided our customers with online access to critical documents, increasing the reach of our services to digital channels. This has reduced our processing times and error by an extraordinary rate, and provided us with new business opportunities and partners. I would absolutely recommend Kina to any organization that wants to take the next step towards Digital Transformation and Process Automation.”
Estrella Bernal
"Kina has reduced our processing time for key client requests by 70% and we plan on leveraging it across our organization. I would absolutely recommend Kina to any organization that manually processes document based information."
Boris Hernández
Technology & Communications Manager, Merlet Group

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