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Great software starts with great requirements, methodology, and governance. When you do your proper due diligence before a sprint starts, you get acceleration, and improved quality.  This can be difficult to do and get right.  We are experts in helping companies scale their agile and requirements process.  Our US based consultants have experience in helping companies take their waterfall based teams to an agile delivery methodology.

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Portfolio Level Initiatives

* Create Business Case
* Portfolio Epics created
* Release Trains Planned
* High level architecture created

Release Train

* Program Epics created
* Program User Stories created
* High level solution designs created
* Test cases and scripts developed

Program Iteration

* Sprint Planning
* Execute sprint
* Execute test scripts
* Demos
* Retrospective

Continuous Integration

* Create Business Case
* Portfolio Epics created
* Release Trains Planned
* High level architecture created

Automate code builds every day

* Automate test scripts and run with each build
* Automate test script execution reporting

End of Release Train

* Ensure all test cases are run successfully
* End to End demo with your stakeholders
* Use automated build scripts in your integration environment to ensure success.
* Release new features to small population first
* Final Release to production once code is confirmed stable.
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Agile project

management tools

Our team has experience with a number of agile tools.  We can easily help you develop your methodology on Rally, Jira, Axosoft, or Pivotal.  The core components of any methodology are your process, meeting cadence, role definitions, and work product templates (e.g. user story templates).  Setting up your methodology will take plan mainly outside of your tools, once defined, we can help configure your tool to support your methodology.

Agile project work

products and templates

We can help you customize templates to help your team delivery high quality agile work products.  We can help customize epics, user story, design, and test case templates.

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