Android & IOS


One of our specialties is providing mobile app development services to our clients on both Android and IOS. The service involves development of the application as an existing web product complement or design it as a mobile application from scratch.

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What’s included

Project design and development
Payment Gateway integration
Web services integration
Monitoring and maintenance

Our mobile application implementation process

We are committed to getting the right people on your team.

Introductory meeting

First approach to the project to establish goals, requirements, budget, and work methodology

Strategy Presentation

Work log follow-up and approval and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) formulation

Mockup creation

First view of the project’s look and feel to gather feedback from the user

API appliance

The API is developed on a controlled environment before integrating to the mobile app

Mobile app appliance

The application is developed based on the exposed API operations within the clients requirements, on Android, IOS, or both platforms

Business Logic Development

The application’s business rules are defined in recurrent meetings

Hosting & Security

Proximity Software offers the additional option of hosting the application in a safe infrastructure within the Amazon servers.

Technical Support & Maintenance

We offer a certain amount of monthly development hours per project, to fix bugs and work on any specific adjustment


  • Android
  • IOS
  • Databases: relational (Oracle, MSSQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and non-relational (MongoDB)
  • API development: javascript technologies as NODE.js, PHP, Java or .Net.


Why Us

Benefits of hiring our mobile app development service:

✓ Measurable results: our initial goal and KPI establishment allows us to achieve real results that’ll positively affect your company’s performance

✓ Continuous communication: we assure our clients’ satisfaction by applying a highly interactive and trustworthy work methodology

✓ API development: we develop the project’s business logic on APIs to separate it from the web interface

✓ App development on both platforms: the mobile interface is developed on Android and IOS to assure its functionality

✓ Professional quality: our staff are some of the strongest full stack engineers and UX-UI designers that’ll guarantee the results you need, when you want them

✓ Payment facility: we’re fully committed to deliver our clients with remarkable results; that’s why we offer multiple payment options to ensure our trustworthiness towards our clients

Let’s Work Together

Leave an inquiry or give us a call, and we’ll gladly set up a meeting to talk about your project.