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At Proximity Software we’re obsessed with delivering great results.  We follow an agile based methodology that make us a true extension of our customers’ team. Our nearshore agile development teams work in real time with your internal teams, so that there is never a gap in communication. Our engagement process works as follows:


This is a period in time where we work to understand your business and needs. We will also build the team and get them acclimated to your methodologies and set up securely on your development environment. We would recommend getting to know your team face to face, whether in our offices or yours!


Our teams will work on your project, on your timeline, using your methodology. Our engagement leader will be working with your project management to ensure things are going well and address any issues quickly.


We can provide helpdesk support to ensure that when a solution goes live, there is always an enabled engineer available to address issues.


We can have our expert cloud admins help to deploy code to test, integration, and production environments. We know how to automate deployments and build CI for your company.


Our team can provide ongoing support for your software solution at a great cost.
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We can help you find top developers in Latin America and the US.  Our internal experts in your technology will first do a technical assessment on candidates, and your engagement lead will do a soft skills assessment.  Once they passed our initial assessment, we will present candidates to you.  You have the option to have your technical experts then interview candidates, or we can handle the final selection for you.  We will staff only great developers for you.



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Secure Locations

Our offices and systems are secure. We have everything you need to make sure that no one will get unwanted access to your environments. We can set up a secure connection to a jump box on AWS (or other cloud provider as needed) that will then be the secure entry point to your systems. This way you are certain that your code is secure.


Scrum Methodology

We have the ability to set up a scrum team room just for you. These composed teams will be highly available throughout your work day and will meet with your team regularly. We recommend assigning them to a specific product owner. They will attend Sprint Planning, Daily Standups, Demos, and Retrospectives during your working hours.


Same Time Zone

No more midnight meetings, we work and rest when you do! Our offices are both located in the central time zone (CST). This makes it easy for our team members to hop on a call, message back & forth, and problem-solve in real-time. If needed, our nearshore professionals are also a three hour flight from most US hubs.

Our satisfaction guarantee

We are committed to getting the right people on your team. To that end we will credit you the first months’ worth of engineering hours if for whatever reason the engineer is not a good fit. Ask us about how this works!


  • Coding languages: PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, SQL
  • Applications and frameworks: React.js, angular.js, node.js, vue.js, Salesforce, Pega, Magento, wordpress, laravel, Django, bootstrap.
  • Databases: relational (Oracle, MSSQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and non-relational (MongoDB)
  • Mobile apps: Android and IOS.
  • Payment gateways: PayPal, Braintree, Zift Payments


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