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As part of our partership with Pega, we provide development and consulting services aimed for remarkable results. Pega is the most robust BPMS platform in the market today.  Its ability to quickly go from requirements to product is second to none.  Pega has artificial intelligence, and a number of new frameworks.  It is undoubtedly  powerful,  but very complex.  It is easy to not implement correctly, and end up in a place where you can’t gain the full advantage of the platform.  At Proximity Software we have US based consultants that can help you be successful with Pega and its frameworks.  Our consultants know how to setup a COE, apply agile processes to Pega, design for scale, and customize Pega as is needed.

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Agile project

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Our team has experience with a number of agile tools.  We can easily help you develop your methodology on Rally, Jira, Axosoft, or Pivotal.  The core components of any methodology are your process, meeting cadence, role definitions, and work product templates (e.g. user story templates).  Setting up your methodology will take plan mainly outside of your tools, once defined, we can help configure your tool to support your methodology.


* Design governance
* Requirements governance
* Best Practices
* Agile work products


* Enterprise Architecture support
* Integration (SOA/REST) and API designs
* Ruleset hierarchy design
* High level design consulting and templates
* Technical design consulting and templates
* UX and wireframes
* Process analysis and design


* Pega development (Certified Pega engineers)
* Interface development
* Java, JavaScript, .Net, PHP, Python development for non-Pega components


* Pega tuning
* Pega environment setup and install
* Pega build script development
* Pega build automation
* Continuous integration
* Automated Testing

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