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Why El Salvador

Our goal has always been excellence. We have a devoted highly efficient multi-disciplined and scalable nearshore development team with one goal: providing the best value to our customer. We opened a development center in El Salvador and hired experts in design, back-end and front-end development, database development and maintenance, Infrastructure, and digital marketing. Every member of our team is fully bilingual and located in a US friendly time zone as the US (CST).

Our goal is to provide our customers with end to end full life-cyle support for their technology projects in order to allow them to scale. From Software Architecture, development, Hosting/IT, to Marketing services, we deliver true end to end solutions.

Although not well known, El Salvador is an ideal location for Proximity Software’s team.  We can compete on price, quality, and scale as a result of our location.  We also believe that well treated employees are great employees.  We pay well for the market, provide our employees top notch health care and benefits, and we like to have fun!  One fascinating fact, in the last year we have had 0% attrition.

El Salvador also has great nearshore development engineers.  We either have on staff, or can source most if not all skillsets that you would need to deliver your project.  They will be English speaking and work from our offices for you.

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Facts About El Salvador

8 Interesting Facts About Our Small Country
21,041 km Area
From Coast to Coast
U.S. Dollar
Since 2001 (8.75 Colones = 1 USD)
6.3 million
Estimated Population
No More Midnight Meetings
2.8 million
Labor Force
Premium Coffee Producers
The Best in the Whole Region
Spanish & English
Native / Advanced
World class surf
A Mecca For Right Hand Point Breaks

Value for your Investment

Currently, El Salvador has a growing economy and an abundance of software engineers. It is still a great deal in terms of nearshoring work. The with a dollarized economy, it allows for a consistent cost that doesn’t fluctuate based off of exchange rates. El Salvador also has multiple trade agreements which facilitate trade and business with the US. This makes it a great place to nearshore work to while minimizing risks associated with countries that are less aligned with US foreign policy.

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An Untapped Market

El Salvador is one of the most competitive countries in Central America in terms of labor force. Low wages, a dollar based economy, same time zone, and multiple trade agreements are only a few of the reasons why nearshoring jobs to El Salvador is a great option.


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